Warner Bros Studios Park is a theme park in Miami, Florida just 25 miles from the beaches. It is home to 40 different rides themed to Warner Bros characters. The park is owned by Six Flags under a licensing agreement with Warner Brothers.


Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Twoface A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster with one side black and the other white.
Mad Max A GCI wooden coaster with 13 airtime moments.
Bugs Bunny Coaster A Zamperla kiddie coaster.
Twister A Premier Sky Rocket 2 roller coaster model.
Road Rover: The Mission A Mack launch coaster.
Velociraptor A B&M Floorless coaster from "Vacation".

Flat rides Edit

Thrill Edit

  • Batman: Dark Knight - a Zamperla Discovery
  • Gremlins - a Trackless shooting dark ride
  • Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows - a Trackless dark ride
  • Impulse - Zamperla Hawk 48
  • The Riddler - Huss Enterprise V2
  • Luther - Gyro drop tower 290 feet tall
  • Godzilla: The Beast - Mondial Windseeker
  • King Kong - Zamperla Air Race
  • Ninjago gliders - Gerstular Sky fly
  • Man of Steel 3D - Motion Simulator ride