Vancouver Paradise is an amusement park located in Vancouver, Canada. It is currently owned by Cedar Fair. It primarily consists of rides and roller coasters relocated from many different parks, but it also has rides that were bought new for the park. It is a sister park to Ontario Paradise and Kings Paradise.

History Edit

In 1979, the park opened as a small leisure park called Canadian Adventures. The park's owner, Richard Riverwood, decided to mainly feature relocated rides from other parks and some newly bought flat rides in his own as it was cheaper and more efficient that way. In 1985 the park was sold to Kings Entertainment Company, which then sold it to Funtime Parks in 1987 after a deal with KECO and another company didn't include the park. In 1996, the park was sold to Premier Parks and renamed Six Flags Vancouver in 1999. However in 2006, when Six Flags was getting rid of several properties, they sold the park to Cedar Fair, which renamed it to Vancouver Paradise. It's been that way ever since.

Park areas Edit

  • Planet Snoopy - Formerly known as "Looney Tunes Boomtown" (1999-2006) and "Kiddy Country" (1979-1998)
  • Canadian Safari - Inclusive zoo, all attractions relocated from Sea World Ohio.

Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Big Dipper 1979 A John Allen wooden coaster relocated from Chippewa Lake park.
Diamondback 2004 An Arrow Dynamics multi looping roller coaster relocated from Six Flags Great America. Formerly known as "Viper" (2004-2006).
Mamba 2009 A Schwarzkopf looping coaster relocated from Dorney Park.
Head Spin 2006 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster relocated from Six Flags New Orleans. Formerly known as "DeJa Vu" (2006).
Hercules: The Revenge 2006 An Intamin stand up roller coaster relocated from Six Flags Astroworld. Formerly known as "Shockwave" (2006).
Steel Venom 2001 An Intamin impulse roller coaster. Formerly known as "V2: Vertical Velocity" (2001-2006).
Disaster Transport: Mission 2 2013 An enclosed Intamin bobsled coaster. Relocated from Cedar Point.
Villain 2008 A Custom Coaster International wooden coaster relocated from Geauga Lake.
Velociraptor 1990 An Arrow Dynamics suspended roller coaster. Formerly known as "Vampire" (1990-1998), "Ninja" (1999-2006) and "Flight Deck" (2007-2014).
Banshee 1995 A Bolliger & Mabillard inverted roller coaster. Formerly known as "Nighthawk" (1995-1998), "Batman: The Ride" (1999-2006) and "Flight of Fear" (2007-2013).
Jurassic War 2015 A Bolliger & Mabillard sit down roller coaster themed after Jurassic Park.

Flat rides Edit

Thrill Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Drop Zone 2010 An Intamin Gyro Drop relocated from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
Turn of the Millennium 2002 A Chance Double Inverter relocated from Six Flags Great Adventure. Formerly known as "Time Warp" (2002-2006).
Windseeker 2015 A Mondial Wind Seeker ride.
Chaos 1999 A Chance Chaos ride. Put in storage in 2003 and readded in 2008.
Jumping Jack Flash 2004 A Huss Jump ride. Relocated from Six Flags Great Adventure.
Bad Apple 1979 A Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride. Formerly known as "Enterprise" (1979-2006).

Family Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Tiki Twirl 2001 A Mack Calypso ride relocated from Darien Lake. Formerly known as "Krypton Comet" (2001-2006).
Big Wheel 1979 A Ferris Wheel ride.
Swing Around 2008 A Chance Yo-Yo ride relocated from Geauga Lake.
Canadian Mine Splash 2011 An enclosed log flume ride relocated from Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Space Spiral 2012 An observation tower relocated from Cedar Point.
Dodge Ems 1979 Bumper cars. Formerly known as "Fender Benders" (1999-2006) and "Skooters" (1979-1998).
Carousel 1979 A Marcus A. Illions antique carousel.

Kiddie Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Kite Eating Tree 1999 A Zamperla Frog Hopper ride. Formerly known as "Sylvester's Pounce & Bounce" (1999-2006).
Woodstock's Air Mail 1999 A Zamperla Samba Balloon Tower. Formerly known as "Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons" (1999-2006).
Snoopy's Skooters 1979 Kiddie bumper cars. Formerly known as "Bugs Bunny Dodgem Rally" (1999-2006) and "Jr. Skooters" (1979-1998).

Notes Edit

  • Not all of the rides in the park were relocated from other parks.