Six Flags World of Discovery is an amusement park located in Charleston, South Carolina. It is currently owned by Six Flags. It is a sister park to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

History Edit

In 1982 Kings Entertainment Company opened the park as "Kings World of Discovery". In 1985 the park was sold to Funtime Parks after a deal with KECO and another company didn't include the park. In 1995, the park was sold to Premier Parks and renamed Six Flags Worlds of Discovery in 1999. It's been that way ever since.

Park areas Edit

  • Looney Tunes Seaport (Formerly known as "Popeye's Seaport" (1995-1998))
  • Thomas Town (Formerly known as "Adventureland for Kids" (1982-2006); this was the park's original kiddie land)
  • Gotham City (Formerly known as "Rockville" (1995-1998))
  • Alpine Forest
  • Boardwalk

Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Goliath 1982 A PTC wooden coaster. Formerly known as "Big Bad Beast" (1985-1998) and "The Beast II" (1982-1984). Alpine Forest
Goliath Jr. 1982 A PTC wooden family coaster. Formerly known as "Beastie" (1985-1998) and "Scooby-Doo's Roller Ghoster" (1982-1984). Thomas Town
Medusa 1999 A B&M stand up roller coaster. Alpine Forest
Nightmare at Phantom Cave 1986 An enclosed Intamin bobsled coaster. Formerly know as "Alpine Bobs" (1986-1994). Alpine Forest
Roadrunner Express 1995 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Formerly known as "Popeye's Spinach Crate Train" (1995-1998). Looney Tunes Seaport
Superman: Ultimate Flight 2013 A Premier Ride Sky Rocket II roller coaster. Gotham City
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2007 A Gerstlauer spinning roller coaster 420/4 model. Boardwalk
Triple Loop 1982 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster. Boardwalk
V2: Vertical Velocity 2001 An Intamin impulse roller coaster. Boardwalk
Batman: The Ride 2017 An S&S Power 4D Free Fly roller coaster. Gotham City

Flat rides Edit

Thrill Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Chaos 1997 A Chance Chaos ride. Boardwalk
Cyborg Cyber Spin 2018 An ABC Rides Tourbillon model. Gotham City
Flying Falcon 1996 An upcharge Skycoaster ride. Alpine Forest
The Joker's Escape 1982 An Intamin first generation Free Fall ride. Formerly known as "Mine Shaft" (1982-1998). Gotham City
Sasquatch 2005 An S&S Power Combo Tower. Alpine Forest
Silver Bullet 1982 A Huss Enterprise ride. Boardwalk
VooDoo 2001 A Zamperla Hawk 48 ride. Boardwalk

Family Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Discovery Tram 1982 A monorail ride that goes around the park. Boardwalk
The Flash: Speed Force 1982 A Mack Music Express ride. Formerly known as "Music Express" (1982-1998). Gotham City
Gotham City Bumper Cars 1982 Bumper cars. Formerly known as "Crash Cars" (1982-1998). Gotham City
Old Timers 1982 An Arrow Dynamics antique car guided track ride. Boardwalk
Twister 1982 An Eli Bridge Scrambler ride. Boardwalk

Kiddie Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Bugs Bunny's Carrot Cans 1982 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with cups. Formerly known as "Spinach Spinnaker" (1995-1998) and "Rock, Spin, and Turn Teacups" (1982-1994). Looney Tunes Seaport
Frog Hopper 1997 A Zamperla Frog Hopper ride. Thomas Town
Marvin's Space Fighters 1982 A Hampton Rides Sky Fighters kiddie ride. Formerly known as "Up Up and Ahoy" (1995-1998) and "Sky Fighters" (1982-1994). Looney Tunes Seaport
Space Age 1982 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with helicopters and rocket ships. Thomas Town
Taz Twister 1995 A Zamperla kiddie Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Swee Pea Swings" (1995-1998). Looney Tunes Seaport
Thomas the Tank Engine 2007 A train ride themed around Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas Town
Wacky Wheel 1995 A Zamperla kiddie Ferris wheel. Formerly known as "Olive Oyl's Barrels of Fun" (1995-1998). Looney Tunes Seaport

Defunct rides Edit

Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Year closed Description
Boomerang: Coast to Coaster 1997 2016 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster. Replaced with Batman: The Ride.
Twin Thunder 1982 2006 A pair of Schwarzkopf shuttle loop roller coasters. Replaced with Tony Hawk's Big Spin.

Flat rides Edit

Name Year Opened Year closed Description
Tumble Bugs 1982 1996 A Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug ride. Replaced with Frog Hopper.

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