Six Flags Tampa Bay is a theme park located in Tampa Bay, Florida. The park opened in 1968 as "7Park Florida". Six Flags bought the park in 2007 and added the Six Flags branding to it.


Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Apocalypse Florida 2010 A GCI wooden coaster. Formerly known as "Terminator Salvation: The Ride" (2010).
Batman: The Dark Knight 1994 A B&M standup coaster. Formerly known as "Steel Hawk" (1994-2006).
Bugs Bunny Coaster 1977 An Arrow Dynamics kiddie coaster. Formerly known as "Mini Streak" (1977-2006).
Flashback 1990 A Vekoma boomerang. Formerly known as "Wipe Out" (1990-2006).
Red Streak 1968 A PTC wooden roller coaster with the the same layout as Blue Streak at Cedar Point except it had a red paint job. This was the park's first roller coaster.
Superman: Ultimate Flight 2012 A Premier Sky Loop II.
Titan 1999 A Giovanola hyper coaster. Formerly known as "Godzilla" (1999-2006).
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2008 A Gerstlauer spinning coaster.
Wonder Woman: The Ride 2017 An S&S 4D freefly coaster themed to Wonder Woman.

Water ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Florida Springs Flume 1972 An Arrow Dynamics log flume ride.
Thunder Rapids 1987 An Intamin river rapids ride.

Flat ridesEdit


Name Year Opened Description
Acrophobia 2000 An Intamin 2nd-generation drop tower. Formerly known as "Sonic Scream" (2000-2006).
Extreme Supernova 2013 A Zamperla Giant Discovery.
The Joker's Jinx 1978 A Huss Enterprise ride. Formerly known as "Fire Wheel" (1978-2006).
The New Revolution 2017 A Larson Super Loop with VR goggles.
Two Face: The Flip Side 1998 A Zamperla Hawk 48. Formerly known as "Hammerhead" (1998-2006).


Name Year Opened Description


Name Year Opened Description