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Six Flags Magic Adventure is a theme park located in Green Bay, Wisconsin that is owned by Six Flags and is a sister park to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park first opened in 1982.


Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Black Wolf 1987 A 150-foot tall Dinn wooden coaster.
Steel Eagle 2016 An RMC wood/steel hybrid coaster that replaced American Eagle.
Mind Eraser 2000 A Vekoma suspended looping coaster.
Batman: The Ride 1989 An Intamin stand up coaster. Formerly known as "The Final Stand" (1989-1993).
Superman: Ultimate Flight 2005 A B&M flying coaster.
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2009 A skateboarding themed Gerstlauer spinning coaster.

Water ridesEdit

  • Rainbow Mountain Log Ride (1982)
  • Spillwater Canyon (2001)

Dark ridesEdit

  • Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum (2010)

Flat ridesEdit


  • DeJa Vu (2016)
  • Enterprise (1982)



  • Thomas the Tank Engine (2007)
  • Daffy Duck Magic Motorcade (1982)

Defunct ridesEdit

Roller coastersEdit

  • American Eagle (1982-2015) (replaced with Steel Eagle)
  • Corkscrew (1982-1999) (replaced with Mind Eraser)