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Six Flags American Wonderland is a theme park located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The park opened in 1981 as "American Wonderland". Six Flags bought the park in 1993 and added the Six Flags branding to it.


Roller coastersEdit


  • Big Penn (1981)
  • Little Penn (1981)
  • Roar: The Beast Coaster (1989)


  • Batman: The Ride (1997)
  • Superman: Ride of Steel (1999)
  • Wildcat (1981)
  • Tony Hawk's Big Spin (2008)
  • Viper (2002)

Dark ridesEdit

  • Old Mill (1995)
  • Justice League: Battle for Metropolis (2015)

Water ridesEdit

  • Thunder Rapids (1987)
  • Log Jamboree (1981)

Flat ridesEdit


  • Chaos (1997)
  • The Joker's Jinx (2015)
  • Blackbeard's Curse (1981; formerly known as "Pirate")


  • Grand Americana (1981)
  • Bumper Buggies (1981)
  • Gotham City Crime Wave (1981; formerly known as "Wave Swinger")


  • Thomas the Tank Engine (2008)
  • Bertie the Bus (2008)
  • Harold the Helicopter (2008)
  • Tweety's Escape (1996; formerly known as "Anchor's Away")
  • Taz's Twister (1981; formerly known as "Tiny Twister")


  • Thomas Town Playworld (2008) (playground)
  • Shark Maze (1990) (an aquarium with various types of sharks)
  • Dolphin Daze (1981) (a dolphin show)
  • American Farm (1981) (a petting zoo)

Extra chargeEdit

Defunct attractionsEdit

Roller coastersEdit

  • Wild Mouse (1981-2007) (replaced with Tony Hawk's Big Spin)

Flat ridesEdit

  • Ranger (1983-1996) (replaced with Chaos)

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