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Not to be confused with Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Adventure is a theme park located in Kansas City, Missouri. The park opened in 1999 as "7Park Kansas City". Six Flags bought the park in 2007 and added the Six Flags branding to it.

Rides Edit

Roller coasters Edit

Wooden Edit

  • Goliath (2001; Formerly known as "Big Dipper")
  • Goliath Jr. (2007)

Steel Edit

  • Batman: The Ride (2005; formerly known as "Vampire Bat")
  • Roadrunner Express (1999; formerly known as "Kiddie Fun Coaster")
  • Superman: Ride of Steel (2001; formerly known as "KC Force 3000")
  • Tony Hawk's Big Spin (2008)
  • Boomerang (1999; relocated from Florida Funland)
  • Twisted Kong (2015)
  • Great Chase (1999; formerly known as "Wild Mouse")
  • V2: Vertical Velocity (2001; formerly known as "Twisted Spike")

Water rides Edit

  • Shipwreck Falls (2004; Formerly known as "Avalanche Falls")
  • Loggin' Flume (1999)

Dark rides Edit

  • Ghost Blasters (1999)

Flat rides Edit

Thrill Edit

  • Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth (1999; formerly known as "Enterprise Wheel")
  • Fireball (2016)
  • Full Throttle Flight School (2013)
  • Superman: Tower Of Power (1999; formerly known as "Sky Drop")
  • The Joker (2003; formerly known as "Twin Hawk")

Family Edit

  • The Flash: Speed Force (1999; formerly known as "Music Express")
  • Six Flags Railroad (1999; formerly known as "7Park Railroad")


  • Taz Twister (1999; formerly known as "Clown Swing")
  • Daffy Diver (1999; formerly known as "Crazy Submarine")
  • SS Looney Tunes (2006; formerly known as "Rock 'n Roll Tugboat")
  • Yosemite Sam's Pirate Bay (1999; formerly known as "Kiddie Boats")

Extra chargeEdit

  • DC Comics Speedway (1999; formerly known as "Mega Track Speedway")

Defunct Rides Edit

Roller coasters Edit

  • Kong (1999-2014)