Here at Theme Park Fanon Wikia, we take the rules very seriously. Here are some rules you need to follow.


Swearing on this wikia has different levels. We will explain them here.

  • Non-Harmful words like Green, Picture, and Run will always be tolerated.
  • Slightly Harmful words like Crud, Darn, and Butt will be tolerated, but if they are used in a bad light, you will receive a punishment.
  • Crap will be tolerated, but if it is used in a bad light (or overused), you will be blocked.
  • Anything more harmful than Crap, like F***, S***, P***, and B**** will get you blocked immediately.


Vandalism is not allowed AT ALL on this wikia. If you do it to a picture or a section of a page, you will be warned. If you do more vandalism than that, you will be blocked. However, if you manage to use a sockpuppet and keep on vandalizing pages, you WILL be reported to the VSTF.


For each rule you break, you will have a consequence. Here are all the consequences.

  • Warning
  • Strike 1
  • Strike 2
  • Final Warning (rarely used)
  • Ban
  • Permanent Ban (used if the offense is very bad)
  • VSTF Notification (used if the offense is extremely bad)