Not to be confused with the original Opryland USA theme park that operated from 1972-1997.

Opryland is a theme park located in Nashville, Tennessee based on the original Opryland USA park. The park opened in 2006 and is owned by Gaylord Amusements.


In 2001 Gaylord Amusements bought several hundred acres in Nashville and in 2002 the park opened as "Opryland".

Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Boomerang 2002 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster model.
Grand Prix Motorcoaster 2011 A Zamperla Motorcoaster roller coaster.
Insanity X 2012 An Intamin Zac Spin roller coaster.
Miner Mike 2002 A Wisdom kiddie coaster themed to a Thomas the Tank Engine-like train.
Shockwave 2004 A B&M floorless roller coaster.
Timber Topper 2002 A GCI wooden roller coaster.
Vampire's Curse 2005 An enclosed Gerstlauer 420/2 spinning roller coaster.
XLR-8 2018 A Skyline Attractions Skywarp roller coaster.
Zombie 2016 A Premier Rides Sky Rocket II roller coaster.

Water ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Grizzly River Rampage 2002 An Intamin river rapids ride.
Old Mill 2002 A log flume ride.

Flat ridesEdit


Name Year Opened Description
Daredevil 2002 An upcharge Slingshot ride.
Double Trouble 2002 A Chance Rides Double Inverter ride.
Fright Flight 2016 A Falcon's Fury style Gyro Drop tower.
Galleon 2002 A Zamperla Galleon ride.
Head Rush 2002 A Chance Rides Unicoaster ride.
Sea Hag 2017 A Gerstlauer Polyp ride.
Sky Blast 2002 A pair of S&S Power Space Shot towers.
Swinger 2002 An upcharge Skycoaster ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Barrels of Fun 2002 A Zamperla Midi Teacups ride themed to barrels. Formerly known as "Drunken Barrels" (2002-2005).
Matterhorn Bobs 2003 A Mack Petersburger Schlittenfahrt ride.
Scrambler 2002 An Eli Bridge Scrambler ride.
Tennessee Waltz 2002 A Zierer Wave Swinger ride.
Tin Lizzys 2002 A guided track antique car ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Fire Chief 2002 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride themed to a fire truck.
Grizzly River Cub Tubs 2003 A kiddie river rapids ride.
Kiddie Barrels 2002 A Zamperla Mini Tea Cups ride themed to barrels.
Mini Monster Trucks 2002 A Zamperla Convoy ride themed to monster trucks.
Sky Blast Too 2002 A Zamperla Jumpin' Star ride.
Space Race 2002 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with robots and helicopters.
Tiny Tennessee Waltz 2002 A Sartori Rides kiddie swings ride.
Tot Rods 2002 A Hampton rides kiddie umbrella ride with Ford Mustang style cars.

Defunct ridesEdit

Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Saber 2002 2011 A Schwarzkopf looping coaster that was relocated from a park in Indiana where it was known as "Shooting Star". Scrapped and replaced with Insanity X.

Flat ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
The Beast 2002 2015 A Zamperla Roto Shake ride. Replaced with Fright Flight.
Nitro 2002 2016 A Zamperla Nitro ride. Replaced with Sea Hag.