Nickelodeon Adventure is an amusement park located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

History Edit

The park opened in 1975 as "Thrill Park America". In 1996 it was sold to Premier Parks and in 1999 it was renamed "Six Flags Over Utah". In 2005, it closed due to Six Flags' financial problems. However, in 2007, Nickelodeon purchased and reopened it.

Rides Edit

Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Jimmy vs Timmy: Power Flight 1995 A B&M dueling inverted coaster. Formerly known as Fire vs Water (1995-1998) and Batman & Robin: The Chiller (1999-2005).
Fairly Odd Coaster 2007 A GCI family wooden coaster.
Spongebob: The Last Stand 1991 An B&M standup coaster. Formerly known as Grand Stand (1991-1998) and Riddler's Revenge (1999-2005).
Rocket Power Rocket Coaster 1999 A Zierer Tivoli coaster. Formerly known as Roadrunner Express (1999-2005).
BrainSurge 2012 An Intamin halfpipe.
Danny Phantom's Ghost Chase 2003 An Intamin impulse coaster with an angled spike. Formerly known as V2: Vertical Velocity (2003-2005).
XJ9:Escape from Cluster Prime 2008 A custom B&M flying coaster.
Rugrats Runaway Reptar 1997 A Vekoma SLC 689m. Formerly known as Mind Eraser (1997-2005).
Nickelodeon Yeller 1975 A PTC wooden coaster. Formerly known as Patriot (1975-2005).
Mile High Roller 1984 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Formerly known as Mini Yeller (1984-1995) and Great Chase (1996-2005).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Sewer Madness 2016 A Mack family spinning coaster.
Steel Streak 2018 An RMC Raptor coaster.

Flat rides Edit


Name Year Opened Description
Avatar Airbender 2015 A Larson Super Loop ride.
Rock Bottom Plunge 1999 An Intamin gyro drop tower. Formerly known as Superman: Tower of Power (1999-2005).


Name Year Opened Description
Fairly Odd Carpet Ride 1990 A Huss Magic ride. Formerly known as Magic Carpet (1990-1998) and Buzzsaw (1999-2005).
Flying Dutchman's Ghost Ship 1981 A Huss pirate ship. Formerly known as "Voyager" (1981-2005).
Invader Zim Doom Spin 1975 A Huss Troika ride. Formerly known as Troika (1975-1998) and Catwoman's Whip (1999-2005).
Slime Flinger 1975 A Zierer wave swinger. Formerly known as High Flyer (1975-1998) and Crime Wave (1999-2005).
Spongebob Boating Class 1975 A bumper cars attraction. Formerly known as Traffic Jam (1975-1998) and Gotham City Dodgems (1999-2005).
TUFF Puppy Action Twist 1975 An Eli Bridge scrambler. Formerly known as Scrambler (1975-1998), Twister (1999-2005) and "Jimmy Neutron Atomic Spin" (2007-2010).


Name Year Opened Description
Backyardigans Balloon Hop 1999 - A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride. Formerly known as Elmer Fudd's Weather Balloons (1999-2005).
Bubble Guppies Sea Wheel 1999 A miniature Ferris wheel. Formerly known as Marvin Martian's Space Chase (1999-2005) and Dora's Sun Wheel (2007-2010).
Nick Jr. Carousel 1999 A miniature carousel. Formerly known as Tweety's Twist (1999-2005).
  • Nickelodeon Splashdown - 1975 - An Arrow Dynamics log flume. Formerly known as Salt Lake Splash (1975-1998) and Deer Park Plunge (1999-2005).

Defunct Rides Edit

  • Salt Lake Devil - 1975 to 1986 - An Arrow Dynamics "Corkscrew" coaster. Replaced with SpongeBob: The Last Stand.
  • Pepsi Streak - 1990 to 2017 - A Dinn Corporation wooden coaster. Formerly known as Mountain Lion (1990-1998) and Roar (1999-2005). Replaced with Steel Streak.