Nickelodeon's Great America is a theme park located in Ocean City, New Jersey and is owned by Nickelodeon. The park is a sister park to Nickelodeon Central.


In 1977, the park opened under the ownership of the Marriot hotel chain as "Marroit's Great America". In 1984, Marriot sold the park to Kings Entertainment, who renamed it to Kings Great America. In 1992, Paramount Parks bought the park when it bought out KECO and renamed it to "Paramount's Great American Escape" to avoid confusion with its now former sister park Paramount's Great America in California. After Paramount Parks shut down in 2006, Nickelodeon bought the park and renamed to "Nickelodeon's Great America".

Roller coasterEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Stealth 2000 A B&M custom inverted roller coaster.
SpongeBob SqaurePants: The Last Stand 1991 A B&M stand up roller coaster. Formerly known as "Vortex" (1991-2006).
The Shredder 1977 An Arrow Dynamics "Corkscrew" looping coaster. Formerly known as "Super Duper Looper Screwball" (2007-2013), "Mega Corkscrew" (1993-2006), and "Turn of the Century" (1977-1992).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shock 2014 A Maurer spinning coaster themed around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series).
Beastie 1977 A PTC wooden family coaster. Formerly known as "Little Eagle" (1977-1983).
The Beast 1977 A PTC wooden coaster. Formerly known as "American Eagle" (1977-1983).
Runaway Reptar 2002 A Vekoma suspended family coaster.
XJ9: Escape from Cluster Prime 1990 A Vekoma Illusion roller coaster. Formerly known as "Star Trek: The Ride" (1993-2006) and "Reactor Core" (1990-1992).

Flat ridesEdit


Name Year Opened Description
SpongeBob's Pirate Ship 1977 A Pirate Ship ride. Formerly known as "Pirate" (1977-2006)
Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Spinner 2008 A Zamperla Disk'O ride.
Scream Zone 1983 An Intamin first generation Free Fall ride. Formerly known as "Free Fall" (1983-2006).
Catdog Crazy Spin 2000 A Zamperla Hawk 48 ride. Formerly known as "Top Gun: The Ride" (2000-2006).
Crazy Swing 1995 An upcharge Skycoaster ride. Formerly known as "Stunt Flyer" (1995-2006).


Name Year Opened Description
Slime Blasters of Phantom Manor 2002 A Sally interactive dark ride. Formerly known as "Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters" (2002-2006).
Slime Buckets 1977 A Von Roll Skyway ride. Formerly known as "Eagle's Flight" (1977-2006).
Crashers 1977 Bumper cars


Name Year Opened Description
Green Slime Cups 1977 A Mangles kiddie Whip ride. Formerly known as "The Flintstones Boulder Dash" (1993-2006) and "Roto Whip" (1977-1992).
Nick Jr. Bumper Cars 1977 Kiddie bumper cars. Formerly known as "Top Cat's Taxi Jam" (1993-2006) and "Kiddy Crashers" (1977-1992).
Nick Jr. Clubhouse 2007 A soft play jungle gym playground for kids under 54" tall.

Defunct ridesEdit

Roller coasterEdit

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description

Flat ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Year Closed


  • Not every ride at NGA is themed around Nickelodeon.

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