New England Worlds of Adventure is an amusement park located on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border in Townsend, Massachusetts and Mason, New Hampshire. The park opened in 1974 on a site of a former missile test range.

History Edit

New England Worlds of Adventure opened in 1974 as Radisson's Worlds of Adventure, a theme park owned by the Radisson hotel chain. It was built on the site of a World War II missile test range, the Rutherford B. Hayes Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, which was the site of protests by hippies during the Vietnam War. It was sold at government auction to Radisson in 1972, who began building the park following professional radiation cleanup.

In 1985 Raddisson sold the park to Group W (Westinghouse Amusement Division) and renamed the park as New England Worlds of Adventure. In 1991 Group W exited the amusement park division and New England Worlds of Adventure was sold to Cedar Fair.

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