New England Worlds of Adventure is an amusement park located on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border in Townsend, Massachusetts and Mason, New Hampshire. The park opened in 1974 on a site of a former missile test range.

History Edit

New England Worlds of Adventure opened in 1974 as Radisson's Worlds of Adventure, a theme park owned by the Radisson hotel chain. It was built on the site of a World War II missile test range, the Rutherford B. Hayes Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, which was the site of protests by hippies during the Vietnam War. It was sold at government auction to Radisson in 1972, who began building the park following professional radiation cleanup.

In 1985 Raddisson sold the park to Group W (Westinghouse Amusement Division) and renamed the park as New England Worlds of Adventure. In 1991 Group W exited the amusement park division and New England Worlds of Adventure was sold to Cedar Fair.


Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Bombraider 1974 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster. This was one the first looping steel roller coasters in the world.
Cape (Cod) Fear Coaster 2017 A B&M giga roller coaster.
Dominator 2002 A B&M floorless coaster.
Galaxi 1977 An SDC Galaxi roller coaster model.
Loch Ness Monster of New England 1986 A Schwarzkopf looping roller coaster with the same layout as Tsunami.
Mantis 1997 A B&M inverted "Raptor" roller coaster model.
Skatepark Spin 2008 A Gerstlauer 420/4 spinning roller coaster model that was meant to compete with the "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" roller coasters at Six Flags owned parks.
Steel Screamer 1992 An Arrow Dynamics hyper coaster. Has the same style trains as Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point.
Thunderhawk 1974 A PTC wooden roller coaster.
Woodstock Express 1998 A Vekoma family roller coaster. This is the park's only Peanuts themed ride.

Water ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Snake River Falls 1975 An Arrow Dynamics log flume ride.
Whitewater Rapids 1983 An Intamin river rapids ride.
Thunder Canyon 2000 An Intamin shoot-the-chutes.

Flat ridesEdit


Name Year Opened Description
The Bat 2006 AN S&S Screaming Swing ride.
Demon Drop 1995 An Intamin drop tower ride.
New England Twister 2016 A Huss Top Spin. Relocated from Dorney Park.
Ocean Motion 1985 A Huss pirate ship ride.
Ranger 1984 A Huss Ranger ride.
Wicked Witch's Wheel 1974 A Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Crash Course 1974 A bumper cars attraction with "disco" lights and music.
Hurricane 1984 A Mack Sea Storm ride.
Pirate Ride 1974 An enclosed boat ride with a pirate theme.
Space Spiral 1974 A 350-foot tall observation deck.
Turnpike Cars 1974 A guided track ride with antique cars.


Name Year Opened Description
4x4 Kiddie Trucks 1989 A Zamperla Convoy ride with monster trucks.
Circus Swings 1998 A Zamperla Lolli Swing ride.
Fire Trucks 1974 A carousel-style kiddie ride with fire trucks.
Junior Buccaneer 1998 A Sartori kiddie pirate ship.
Magic Ring 1989 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with dragons and elephants.
Twist 'n Shout 1998 A Zamperla Mini Tea Cups ride.

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