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Lake Shernview is a theme park located in St. Augustine, Florida. The park opened in 1975. The park was owned by Six Flags from 1994 until 2006 under the name of "Six Flags Florida". In 2007 Six Flags sold the park to a fictional theme park ownership company called Horizon Entertainment Group.


Roller coastersEdit


  • Wild Eagle (1977)
  • Thunderbolt (2014)
  • Thrasher (1996)


  • Stealth (2001; formerly known as "Superman: Ride of Steel")
  • Mine Train Kiddie Coaster (1998; formerly known as "Roadrunner Express")
  • Ladybug (1978)
  • Jet Star (1981)
  • Florida Thunder (1990)
  • Pirate Treasure Train (1975)
  • Time Warp 2000 (1989)
  • Phoenix (1985)

Flat ridesEdit


  • Ranger (1983)
  • Hellavator (1998)
  • Twister (2001)
  • UFO (1982)
  • Pirate Ride (1980)


  • Music Express (1999; formerly known as "The Flash: Speed Force")

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