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Kings Cedar Lake is a theme park located in Superabet City, Sovereignty of Dahrconia.


The park opened in 1977 as "Cedar Lake" under the ownership of Group W (Westinghouse Amusement Division). In 1983 Westinghouse decided exit the amusement park industry to focus on their TV and radio and the park was sold to Six Flags and was renamed "Six Flags Cedar Lake". In 2007 Six Flags sold the park to Cedar Fair and for some unknown reason the word "kings" was added to the park's name and the park was renamed "Kings Cedar Lake".


Roller coastersEdit


  • Meaner Streak (2011)
  • Wild Eagle (1977)
  • Roar of the Beast (2015)


  • Ultra Twister (1989)
  • Woodstock Express (1998; formerly known as "Roadrunner Express")
  • Steel Venom (2001; formerly known as "V2: Vertical Velocity")
  • Talon (1997; formerly known as "Batman: The Ride")
  • Corkscrew (1977)

Water ridesEdit

  • Logger's Leap (1977)
  • Canyon Carver (1984)
  • Shoot the Rapids (2012)

Flat rides (thrill)Edit

  • Pirate (1980)
  • Dragon's Duel (2003; formerly known as "The Joker")
  • WindSeeker (2011)
  • Chaos (1998)

Flat rides (family)Edit

  • Calypso (1977)
  • Peanuts Pirates (1977; formerly known as "Sea Storm" (1977-1997) and "Yosemite Sam's Pirate Bay" (1998-2006) )
  • King Wheel (1981)
  • Grandpa's Tin Lizzy Cars (1977)
  • Yo-Yo (1977)

Flat rides (kiddie)Edit

  • Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie (1977; formerly known as "Taxis")

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