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DC Universe City of Justice is an indoor theme park owned by Six Flags and is themed around the DC Comics superheroes. The park is located in Houston, Texas and it opened in 2011 in a former Sears store in a former mall that Six Flags has bought and turned it into a plaza.


Roller coastersEdit

  • Superman: Ultimate Flight (2011)
  • Catwoman's Whip (2011)
  • Batman & Robin's Super Kiddie Coaster (2011)
  • Cyborg Chaos (2011)

Water ridesEdit

  • Mr. Freeze's Frozen Logs (2011)

Flat ridesEdit


  • Batman & Superman: Tower of Power (2011)
  • Green Lantern: Ring of Power (2011)
  • The Flash: Speed Force (2011)


  • Gotham City Carousel (2011)
  • Superhero Smash (2011)
  • Crime Wave (2011)
  • Super Scrambler (2011)
  • Harley Quinn's Twisted Tumbler (2011)
  • Super Friends Wheel (2011)


  • Super Friends Balloon Race (2011)
  • Batman's Bat Jets (2011)
  • Jr. Tower of Power (2011)
  • Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth (2011)


  • The Joker's Carnival of Horrors (2011) (walk through)
  • Super Power Play World (2011) (soft playground for toddlers and small kids under 48" tall)

Extra chargeEdit

  • Green Lantern: Glow Golf (2011)
  • Power Bungee Bounce (2011)

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