The Chinese New Year National Fair is a medium sized fairground. It is located in a field in China. What makes this fairground special is that it will have a special show themed to the year (year of the dog, year of the dragon, ect...)

The fairground was made by Chinese showmen Cheng Qing and Dong Fen and have purchased many ride models. However, they have also studied welding and have made some of their own rides. These rides will be referred to as Chief Manufacturer rides.


  • Dòngnéng (Kinetic Energy) - Zamperla "Energy Storm"
  • Tóunǎo Fēngbào (Brainstorm) - Fabbri "Niagra"
  • Hǎixiào (Tsunami) - Zamperla "Power Surge"
  • Gravity Xiānshēng (Mr. Gravity) - Technical Park "Heavy Rotation"
  • Èluósī Lún Pán Dǔ (Russian Roulette) - Chief Manufacturer "Energizer"
  • Jiépāi Qì (Metronome) - Huss "Giant Frisbee"
  • Pàodàn Kuàidì (Canonball Express) - Wisdom Rides "Silver Streak"
  • Hùnhé Qì (Mixer) - Wisdom Industries "Gravitron"