Action Zone (formerly Paramount's Action Zone) is an amusement park located in Reno, Nevada. It is located inside a shopping mall and was the only amusement park so far to be fully built and managed by Paramount Parks before Paramount sold its theme park division to Cedar Fair.

History Edit

The park opened in 1994 to replace an enclosed botanical gardens attraction that opened with the mall in 1986. It was sold to Cedar Fair in 2006 when Paramount Parks went out of business and the park was renamed to just "Action Zone" and all of the Paramount intellectual properties were removed from the park.


  • Adventure Island
  • Action City
  • Kidzville (formerly known as "Nickelodeon Universe" (2004-2006))
  • Planet Snoopy (formerly known as "Hanna-Barbera Land" (1994-2006))


Rollercoasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Backlot Stunt Coaster 2005 A Premier launched family coaster. Formerly known as "Italian Job: Stunt Track" (2005-2006). Action City
The Bat 2000 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster. Formerly known as "Face/Off" (2000-2006). Adventure Island
Flight of Fear 1996 A Premier LIM launched coaster. Formerly known as "Outer Limits: Flight of Fear" (1996-2000). Action City
The Great Pumpkin Roller Ghoster 1994 A CCI wooden family coaster. Formerly known as "Scooby's Roller Ghoster" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy
Hurler 1994 An International Coasters Inc. wooden coaster. Action City
Jet Scream 1994 A B&M inverted coaster. Formerly known as "Top Gun: The Jet Coaster" (1994-2006). Action City
Silver Streak 2001 A Vekoma suspended family coaster. Formerly known as "Rugrats Runaway Reptar" (2001-2006). Kidzville
Stealth 2002 A B&M flying coaster. Adventure Island
Woodstock Express 1998 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Formerly known as "Top Cat's Taxi Jam" (1998-2006). Planet Snoopy

Flat Rides Edit

Thrill Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Action Racers 1999 An upcharge go karts attraction. Formerly known as "Days of Thunder" (1999-2006). Action City
The Crypt 2003 A Huss Top Spin ride. Formerly known as "Tomb Raider: Firefall" (2003-2006). Adventure Island
Drop Tower: Scream Zone 1997 An Intamin drop tower. Formerly known as "Drop Zone: Stunt Tower" (1997-2006). Adventure Island
Hypersonic XLC 2002 An S&S drop tower complex. Action City
Orbiter 1994 A Huss Enterprise ride. Formerly known as "BORG Assimilator" (1994-2006). Action City

Family Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Boo Blasters on Boo Hill 1999 An interactive dark ride where riders shoot targets with laser guns. Formerly known as "Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion" (1999-2006). Planet Snoopy
Delirium 1994 A Sellner Tilt-a-Whirl ride. Formerly known as "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" (1994-2002). Action City
Scrambler 1998 A Scrambler ride. Formerly known as "Switchback" (1998-2006). Adventure Island
Zephyr 1994 A Wave Swinger ride. Action City


Name Year Opened Description Section
Color Cups 2004 A miniature tea cups ride. Formerly known as "Green Slime Buckets" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Crabbie Cabbies 1994 A kiddie bumper cars ride. Formerly known as "Flintstones Boulder Bash" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy
Frog Hopper 2004 A Zamperla Jumping Star ride. Formerly known as "Plankton's Plunge" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Hang Ten 2004 A Zamperla Skater ride themed to surfing. Formerly known as "Rocket Power: Air Time" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Kidzville Bus Tours 2004 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride. Formerly known as "Bikini Bottom Bus Tours" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Linus' Beetle Bugs 1994 A kiddie bounce-around ride. Formerly known as "The Jetsons' Jet Orbiters" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy
Mini-laya 2004 A kiddie Himalaya ride. Formerly known as "Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Colliders" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Mini Scrambler 2004 A miniature Scrambler. Formerly known as "Teenage Robot Turnabout" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Peanuts Road Rally 1994 A guided track miniature car ride. Formerly known as "Baba Looey's Buggies" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy
Safari Tours 2004 A carousel-style ride with dune buggies themed to a safari. Formerly known as "Dora's Dune Buggies" (2004-2006). Kidzville
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron 1994 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride. Formerly known as "Yogi Bear's Sky Tours" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy
Woodstock's Mail Delivery 1994 A miniature railroad ride. Formerly known as "Quickdraw's Railway" (1994-2006). Planet Snoopy